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Parent and Coach Tips of the Week
Oct 6, 2015  12:20 PM
Parent Tip of the Week - If you find yourself repeatedly feeling like you have to let the official know he's made a bad call, sign up to officiate next season.

Coach Tip of the Week - To focus on the value of communication with your team, try asking your players to play without communication. They'll quickly learn how hard it is to play without communication - and then watch how much more they communicate afterwards.

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Fundamentals - Gracious on Victory and Defeat
Sep 14, 2015  9:55 AM
This summer, Americans watched in record numbers, as the US Women's National Soccer Team won the 2015 FIFA World Cup. The final was an extraordinary game featuring a rivalry between the United States and Japan with a history of exceptional wins and painful losses, including the 2012 Olympic Games (US beat Japan in the Gold Medal Game) and the 2011 World Cup (Japan beat the US in the Championship game.). Outside of the National Team matches, many of the players are teammates in the National Women's Soccer League. Despite the rivalry, both teams exhibited tremendous sportsmanship. The US Women formed a tunnel for the Japanese players to walk through as they approached the stand for their medals. And many of the Japanese women were gracious in defeat, with players like former National Team Captain and current Japanese soccer legend Homare Sawa seeking out Abby Wambach to congratulate her not only for the win but also an incredible career in soccer.

Winning and losing with class is a trademark for great players. But they owe this behavior to coaches and parents who instilled this behavior at a young age. So how do Positive Sport Parents and Positive Coaches help athletes learn how to handle victory and defeat graciously? We turned to the experts at Positive Coaching Alliance to help us come up with some helpful tips that you and your athlete can use in moments of triumphant wins and disappointing losses. Read More >>

Inaugural Recipients of CAHA Director Emeritus
Sep 12, 2015  5:06 PM
All of us at CAHA would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ed Tar and Charles Fuertsch for their 15+ years of service and dedication to the California hockey community!! The ongoing support and multitude of hours of volunteer work each has provided demonstrates their significant commitment to the game of hockey, and to all the members and players in the State, and beyond to all of USA Hockey.

CAHA is pleased to select Ed and Charles as the inaugural recipients of the Director Emeritus of CAHA! We are honored to have them in our fold, and look forward to many more continued years of support and input from each of them. CONGRATULATIONS Ed and Charles!

Coaching News - Using Video as a Coaching Tool
Jun 24, 2015  11:06 AM
Video has its time, place and appropriate application for hockey coaches. Learn how U.S. NTDP head coach Don Granato and Olympian turned coach Natalie Darwitz use video to capitalize on teachable moments with young players without overdoing it. Read More >>

Play Positive Fundamentals - Respecting Officials
Jun 18, 2015  9:59 AM
As Draymond Green of the NBA's Golden State Warriors yelled "And One!" and his layup scored, his teammate, Shaun Livingston, patted his head, mimicking the foul he felt was committed against Green. Livingston was immediately assessed a technical foul: arguing calls. MLB Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price approached the umpire to present the lineup card for the night and found himself ejected before the first pitch had even been called: Price was arguing balls and strikes from the game the night before. Whether it's players or coaches, professional leagues have instituted rules to set boundaries around behavior directed at umpires, officials and referees. Read More >>

2 and 2 Challenge Registration
Jun 10, 2015  8:23 AM
Welcome to the 2 and 2 Challenge Registration for the 2015-16 season! The 2 and 2 Challenge is a call-to-action for local associations. It is a blueprint that guides youth hockey leadership through national programs and tools to realize their goal of acquiring 2 new players and retaining 2 additional players than the previous season's total. Read More >>

2015 USA Hockey Annual Congress Meeting Awards
Jun 10, 2015  8:33 AM
USA Hockey held its Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs, home of USA Hockey. Full days of meetings were conducted which included sessions on growing the game, safety (both on and off the ice), officiating, registrations and other topics that help volunteers run the grass roots programs. USA Hockey introduced the Club Excellence Program. This is a program designed to assist local clubs in the operations of their clubs. Everything from how to write by-laws to job descriptions for board members and task lists on how to run club programs. This will be a very beneficial program for all USA Hockey and CAHA Clubs.

USA Hockey hosted a banquet, “Memories & Milestones” that included celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Miracle On Ice. Many of the members of the 1980 Olympic Hockey team were on hand to truly make the evening memorable. However, the main reason for the celebration was the retirement of USA Hockey’s President for the last 12 years, Ron DeGregorio. Mr. DeGregorio “Digger” has helped transform USA Hockey into a leader of national governing bodies not only here in the United States, but within the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). He accomplished all that while still focusing on the grass roots volunteers and programs to assist us in the day in and day out duties of a club volunteer.

Also, 5-year volunteer service award was given to Wendy Goldstein and Vada Burrow. President’s Award was given to Donna Kaufman (Pacific District) and Steve Laing (California). There’s a lot to like about California and Pacific District.

With the retirement of Ron DeGregorio, a new USA Hockey president was voted into office. Jim Smith, of Mount Prospect Illinois is the new USA Hockey President. Read More >>

Bobby Freeland Growth & Development Grant Program
May 16, 2015  9:29 AM
Robert Freeland, better known as Coach Bobby to all who knew him, left a profound positive image in everything that he touched. He was the ultimate player, coach, friend, father and husband. He passed away peacefully in June 2006. This program, The Robert Freeland Growth & Development Grant, epitomizes what Bobby stood for. He was always looking for ways to “grow the game” in any way he could. This program will keep that spirit alive. Use this grant wisely and his legacy will be carried on forever. Read More >>

New Screening Instructions
Apr 6, 2015  10:22 AM
Effective immediately, CAHA has updated the official screening policy, as well as implemented new instructions for completing the online screening process. Please see the "Screening Program" link to this website for more information and the link to complete the screening process. Read More >>

Play Positive Fundamentals - Six Steps To Keeping Your Cool
Jul 15, 2015  8:28 AM
Maintaining self-control in the face of challenges, adversity and disappointment is one of the great life lessons that sports can uniquely teach our kids. And while we'd all like to hope that our kids just 'know what to do' when the moment presents itself, a little coaching and some clever tips can go a long way toward giving your kids the tools they need to keep their cool in sports and in life. Read More >>

12U - 5 Ways to Prepare for Body Contact and Checking
Apr 30, 2015  9:16 AM
With legal body-checking approaching at 14U (for boys) and increasingly physical play beginning for girls, here are five ways 12U players should prepare. Read More >>

14U/16U - Navigating Nutrition
Mar 24, 2015  7:39 AM
Dave Ellis, a longtime sports dietician who helped USA Hockey develop nutrition guidelines for youth players, parents and coaches, says there are preventative measures that can help growing 14U/16U players thrive during what can be a difficult time of the season. Read More >>

8U - Stuff Thats NOT Hockey
Mar 13, 2015  11:04 AM
Here are some fun on-ice games as an alternative to traditional hockey drills. It's a way to not only keep 8U players engaged, but also help them develop motor skills, coordination and athleticism. Read More >>

NHL Analytics of Tracking 8U Hockey Players
Jan 31, 2015  11:39 AM
Watch the following clip to see real statistics prepared by the NHL on the 8U Model from the ADM. Read More >>

Adult Hockey - How to Handle the Goons
Nov 17, 2014  1:43 PM
The question was posed innocently enough to a longtime adult league director: "Are there goons in your league?" The good news is that the vast majority of leagues feel they have the problem of goonish players under control, and many league directors agree things have improved with increased discipline both at individual league and USA Hockey-wide levels. Here are some ways to monitor behavior and keep your league fun, safe and goon-free. Read More >>

USA Hockey Rule 411 - Progressive Suspensions for the 2014-15 Playing Season
Aug 12, 2015  5:37 PM
USA Hockey is committed to providing a safe and fair environment for all participants. While the vast majority of players participate within the rules and respect the game and their opponents, USA Hockey recognizes the need to hold those players and coaches deemed to be repeat offenders accountable for their actions. Beginning with the 2014-15 playing season, the Progressive Suspensions rule will take affect nationally. Read More >>

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