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2017-18 Rules Changes
Mar 3, 2017  2:21 PM
Please follow the link below to the "Guidebook" page of this website which will take you to a link of a summary of the notable rule changes as approved by the CAHA Board of Directors, and shall be in effect for the upcoming 2017/2018 season. The rules, in their entirety, will be released shortly. The summary does not reflect all the changes, only those necessary for immediate release. Questions can be sent to Youth Council Chairperson, Laura Cahn, via email at Read More >>

Nominations for CAHA Directors
Mar 8, 2017  7:02 PM
The following link leads to the nomination form for CAHA directors for two (2) year term beginning June 17, 2017. Any person interested in serving as a CAHA Director shall be eligible for election providing they are in good standing with both USA Hockey and CAHA. Nominations must be submitted by April 1, 2017 via:

Regular mail: Jennifer Sprow - CAHA Secretary: P.O. Box 44297 Panorama City, California 91412 Read More >>

12U - Parents’ guide to growth spurts and development
Mar 23, 2017  11:11 AM
Growth spurts, early or late bloomers and a range of other factors can have a major impact on development, particularly between the ages of 12 to 16 in boys and 11 to 15 in girls. Ken Martel, technical director for USA Hockey's American Development Model, advises parents during this process. Read More >>

10U - Don’t forget the ABCs
Mar 22, 2017  2:05 PM
By the time we reach adulthood, many of us likely take for granted the basics of agility, balance and coordination. Today, they’re second nature. We forget that, when we were youngsters, those elements had to be learned over time. Bob Mancini has a message about the importance of training agility, balance and coordination in 10U hockey players. Read More >>

8U - Does talent really matter at 8U?
Mar 21, 2017  9:59 AM
At first glance, it's easy to compare your little skater with others on his or her team. But at such a young age, does it really matter? And do the hockey skills your 8-year-old shows today give any indication of how good they'll be as a teenager and beyond? Former NHL defenseman Brian Pothier has insights on what matters, what doesn't, and what develops at 8U. Read More >>

Adult Hockey - Skill development for the busy adult
Mar 16, 2017  1:50 PM
Between families, careers and everything else life throws our way, it can be hard enough just making the weekly commitment to play once. Who has time to think about getting better? Katie Holmgren, USA Hockey's adult hockey manager, has tips for improving your game within the constraints of a busy life. Read More >>

Playing it Safe - Player safety and the culture of playing through pain
Mar 4, 2017  4:53 PM
Staying in the game, playing through the pain. It's a trait valued in the top professional leagues, but if we're not careful as parents and coaches, it can send the wrong message to our younger players who are still learning the game. Read More >>

Coaching News - Top 10 features of the Mobile Coach App
Mar 1, 2017  2:26 PM
The USA Hockey Mobile Coach App contains nearly 3,000 pieces of hockey content. Here are 10 great features that will help you get more out of your hockey experience. Read More >>

14U/16U - Lead like Louie
Feb 27, 2017  5:40 PM
Like any young player, Louie Belpedio looked to the captains of the Miami University hockey team for guidance and leadership. He studied their tendencies and behaviors, and eventually began to develop a leadership style of his own. Two years later, it's his turn to wear the 'C.' Belpedio offered advice on how to develop leadership skills and put them into action. Read More >>

Message from the President regarding Tier I Selections
Jan 31, 2017  10:33 AM
Per the Tier 1 Policy set forth by the CAHA Board of Directors on January 23, 2016, I would like to report the following Associations will be recognized as Tier 1 Programs through our affiliate, and USA Hockey for the 2017-18 season. Congratulations to the following:

11AAA (Minor) - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Jose Jr. Sharks

12U (Major) - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks

13AAA (Minor) - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks

14U (Major) - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks

15AAA - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks

16U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks, Titans

18U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Jose Jr. Sharks, Titans, Wildcats

Congratulations to the successful applicants!
Tom Hancock

2017 Annual America’s Showcase National Hockey Tournament
Feb 6, 2017  1:28 PM
California Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) is excited to provide the 2017 Annual America’s Showcase National Hockey Tournament. Please click the following link for more information. Read More >>

An Open Letter from the Backseat
Feb 1, 2017  7:57 AM
Dear Mom and Dad I wanted to start this letter by saying I love you, and I know you mean well. I appreciate all the time and energy you put into taking me to my games and practices, and I know you sacrifice a lot to do it. I also appreciate when you try to help me get better by pointing out the things I do wrong because I know you know a lot about soccer. But we really need to talk about the ride home after games. Read More >>

2017 CAHA Boys Select Camp
Jan 25, 2017  10:12 AM
2017 CAHA Select Camp selections and District Camp information is now posted. Click on the "Boys Camp" link for more information. Read More >>

2017 CAHA Girls Select Camp
Jan 23, 2017  2:08 PM
2017 CAHA Girls Select Camp selections are now posted. Click on the "Girls Camp" link for more information. Read More >>

CAHA Info Center iPhone App
Oct 21, 2016  6:30 AM
CAHA is pleased to announce the new release of the CAHA Info Center app for the 2016-17 season. Download it now to get the latest news, schedule, scores, standings, stats, and a lot more. Read More >>

Team Up - Speak Up to Fight Concussions
Sep 10, 2016  9:31 AM
CAHA is pleased to announce we have joined the TEAM UP SPEAK UP movement to fight concussions as a state affiliate! Click the following link for more information. Read More >>

New Screening Instructions
Apr 6, 2015  1:22 PM
Effective immediately, CAHA has updated the official screening policy, as well as implemented new instructions for completing the online screening process. Please see the "Screening Program" link to this website for more information and the link to complete the screening process. Read More >>

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