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CAHA Board of Director's Nomination Forms
Feb 27, 2021  7:23 AM
CAHA board election nomination forms are due April 26, 2021. Email your form to Teresa Attebery. Click here to download the CAHA board nomination information letter and the nomination form for CAHA Directors for the 2-year term beginning June 26, 2021 (CAHA Annual Meeting).

2021 CAHA Girls Select Camp
Jan 6, 2021  9:54 AM
2021 CAHA Select Camp team selections and camp schedule are now available. Click on the "Girls Camp" link for more information. Read More >>

12-22-20 Update on Travel Permit Policy
Dec 22, 2020  4:56 PM

Effective immediately CAHA no longer requires teams that are planning on traveling outside of California to submit an Out of State Travel Permit Application for CAHA’s approval. With respect to CAHA and any team(s) that plan to travel out of state, things will be as in prior seasons where teams are eligible to participate in any/all USA Hockey sanctioned events within the United States as they so choose (no travel permit requirement).

The basis of this change is twofold, first because the travel permit application process was adopted as a result of teams seeking to participate in USA Hockey sanctioned events prior to CAHA’s No-Earlier-Than tryout dates, coupled with the fact that as of December 4 CAHA’s No-Earlier-Than tryout dates have all passed, thus making this a moot process (see originally approved policy). Secondly, based upon the advisement of both CAHA’s Legal Counsel, as well as outside legal counsel, this is a process CAHA should not employ or rely upon to potentially deny teams the opportunity to travel based upon CAHA’s interpretation any laws, regulations or governmental policy within the State, or in an attempt to enforce the same.

Tier I & II Rosters
Nov 22, 2020  3:24 PM
Reminder that going forward, Tier I and II Teams will NOT be allowed or have approved "Tournament" rosters for the rest of this season 2020-21. All games MUST be played via the regular National Bound Roster.

CAHA Out of State Travel Policy and Permit
Aug 10, 2020  2:13 PM

This past Saturday, August 8, 2020, CAHA convened a Special Meeting to discuss potential out-of-state travel by member teams and the feasibility of the same. The end result was the Board's adoption of a COVID Out-of-State Travel Permit Policy whereby under very specific instances CAHA would approve rosters for team's seeking to participate in USA Hockey sanctioned events outside California wherever they may be permitted by the Event Host's State/County/Local COVID protocols and guidelines. Attached is the copy of the adopted policy and associated CAHA COVID Travel Permit Application.

I would like to make it abundantly clear, that the aforementioned COVID travel policy in no way means that local associations (Clubs) are required to issue team/tournament rosters as described in the attached policy, but may do so or NOT at their own discretion as the decision to roster a team (tournament or regular season) is ALWAYS a Club/Association decision.

I would also like to repeat as has been previously posted, that NO TEAM/CLUB may issue/require players to sign into a Club Financial Contract or LOI (internal or League LOI), until AFTER tryouts are permitted to be held, and any such agreements entered into prior to tryouts shall be unenforceable.

I would also like to make it abundantly clear, that any team seeking to travel out-of-state prior to hockey being able to be played in California must get CAHA COVID Travel Permit Application approval PRIOR to incurring any costs related to the event they seek to travel to (entry fee, travel, etc.), and any team/family that does so, does so entirely at their own risk.

Lastly, any Out-of-State Travel Permit approved by CAHA shall be immediately rescinded should any of the following occur;

  1. The State of California updates State COVID restrictions to prohibit out of state travel;
  2. The Event Host's State/County/Local government updates COVID restrictions that would prohibit youth sports competition within their jurisdiction at the time the event is to be held.
Sincerely, Tom Hancock CAHA President

USA Hockey Pacific District Outstanding Administrator of the Year Award
Jun 23, 2020  8:04 AM
CONGRATULATIONS to CAHA 1st Vice President Rosemary Voulelikas who was presented on June 20 with the USA Hockey Pacific District "Andy Anderson Outstanding Administrator of the Year Award." Well deserved and all of us at CAHA congratulate Rose!!!

Coaching SafeSport Code Changes
Jun 13, 2020  12:18 PM
Please see the following link and see reference to a memo from the USA Hockey National Office Coaching Section regarding the 2020-2021 season regarding SafeSport Code changes. Read More >>

From "Offsides"
Jun 13, 2020  12:17 PM
Kid gets cut from team - blame coach
Kid gets fired from job - blame boss
Kid does bad in school - blame teacher
Kid gets cheated out of win - blame ref

Misguided blame creates an environment of entitlement not appropriately aligned with the true spirit of winning in life.

Changes in Screening Process - April, 2020
Apr 18, 2020  7:01 PM
NOTICE: The CAHA screening process is being updated. Please see the Screening Page link on this website. For any questions please email Jaime Campbell, Screening Administrator, at: cahajaime@gmail.com Read More >>

Notification Regarding Pro-Masque Goalkeeper Masks
Mar 3, 2020  4:55 PM
Please clink the following link and read about the non-certified Pro Masque goalie face-Masks that may be in use. If any player has one of these, they can not use it in any USAH sanctioned activity and must cease immediate use of it. Read More >>

Tier I Team Selections for 2020-21 Season
Aug 13, 2020  4:29 PM
On January 25 the CAHA Board of Directors approved the applications for the following Tier I Divisions/teams for the 2020-2021 Playing Season:

11U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, LA Jr. Kings, San Jose Jr. Sharks
12U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, LA Jr. Kings, San Jose Jr. Sharks
13O - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, LA Jr. Kings, San Jose Jr. Sharks
14U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Anaheim Jr. Ice Dogs, LA Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls (dropped 8-13-20), San Jose Jr. Sharks
15O - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, LA Jr. Kings, San Diego Saints, San Jose Jr. Sharks
16U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, LA Jr. Kings, Jr. Reign Hockey Club, San Jose Jr. Sharks
18U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, LA Jr. Kings, Jr. Reign Hockey Club, San Jose Jr. Sharks

12U - Anaheim Lady Ducks, San Jose Jr. Sharks Girls
14U - Anaheim Lady Ducks, San Jose Jr. Sharks Girls
16U - Anaheim Lady Ducks, San Jose Jr. Sharks Girls
19U - Anaheim Lady Ducks, San Jose Jr. Sharks Girls* (Sharks subject to approval by USA Hockey)

Congratulations to the accepted applicants!

Sep 29, 2019  1:39 PM
Misuse of electronic communication (including social media) is one of the primary offenses in society today, especially among youth. Today’s youth have grown up with technology as one of their primary means of communication; while it is instant and effective, it also desensitizes them to responsible and appropriate communication. Electronic communication empowers and emboldens people to say things they would never say directly to someone, often resulting in language that is insensitive, hurtful, discriminatory and disrespectful. Over time this pattern can escalate into language that is harassing, bullying, threatening or abusive in nature.

CAHA has zero tolerance for violations of the USA Hockey SafeSport policy on Electronic Communications (See "USA Hockey SafeSport Program Handbook" on CAHA Policies Page). Any known or proven violations of this policy could result in disciplinary action, including suspension or termination of the privilege to play hockey within the California affiliate of USA Hockey.

For questions or more information regarding SafeSport refer to the CAHA SafeSport Webpage (CAHA Safesport). Read More >>

Changing the Culture of Body Checking - Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play & Respect
Sep 13, 2019  10:07 AM
Please see the following video regarding USA Hockey's "Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play & Respect" Read More >>

An Open Letter to the Out of Control Sports Parent Sitting Next to Me in the Stands
Aug 11, 2019  10:40 AM
Dear Out of Control Sports Parent, You. Yeah, you. The one shouting “Get the rebound!!!” to your kid. The one with the heart palpitating so loudly that you cannot contain yourself. The one yelling and complaining about the coach. The one hollering at the 13-year-old referee. The one angry at my kid for making a mistake. The one hollering at the kids who made a mistake running the scoreboard in a recreational tournament in a meaningless pool play game. Read More >>

For All the Parents
Oct 1, 2017  1:07 PM
Your child's success or lack of success in sports does not indicate what kind of parent you are. But, having an athlete that is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and tries their best IS a direct reflection of your parenting.

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