Jun 18, 2019

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CAHA Member Services Page


CAHA Member Services: Annual Renewal Process and Instructions

Annual Renewals: Each CAHA member association is required to pay an annual membership renewal fee, and any per team fees, between July and September 30th of each year. Renewals submitted after September 30th are considered late, and are subject to penalties.

CAHA is partnered with Rocky Mountain Registry for annual membership renewals. There is a step by step user guide available here: RMR registration instructions.pdf

Click here to complete renewal: https://rockymountainregister.com/enroll/usah-caha/login.asp?programid=1 

New Membership Requests: New membership requests cannot be made online. An organization requesting new CAHA membership needs to send an email to: CAHAmembership@gmail.com. An application and criteria for membership will be provided, and each request is reviewed on a case by case basis.

Annual Renewal Pricing: The CAHA membership pricing has not changed in several years. CAHA is pleased to be able to continue to hold pricing into the 2018-19 season.
1. The annual membership fee is $50 for new membership applications.
2. Annual membership renewal fee is $20
3. Annual fee per team:

Youth Travel Teams:
8U: $30 per team – no AB levels
10U: $30 per team – A, B, BB
12U: $30 per team – A, B, BB
14U: $30 per team – A, B
16U: $30 per team – A
18U: $30 per team – A

High School Teams: $50 per team

Tier II Teams (AA) – both Youth and Girls teams:
12U: $50 per team
14U: $50 per team
16U: $50 per team
18U: $50 per team
19U (Girls): $50 per team

Tier I Teams (AAA) – both Youth and Girls teams:
12U: $50 per team
14U: $50 per team
15U: $50 per team
16U: $50 per team
18U: $50 per team
19U (Girls): $50 per team

House and Adult Leagues have an annual fee of $20 each (per program, not per team).

New! Payment: Effective in 2018, online payment through Rocky Mountain Registry is required. Check payments are only accepted for new member applications.

Questions: For all questions, please contact the CAHA Members Services Director:

Jaime Campbell
224 Daphne Drive
Vacaville, CA 95687