Jun 18, 2018

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CAHA Member Services Page


CAHA Director Application for 2018-2020

The following links lead to the Nomination Instructions and Nomination Form for CAHA directors for the two (2) year term beginning June 16, 2018. Any person interested in serving as a CAHA Director shall be eligible for election providing they are in good standing with both USA Hockey and CAHA. Nominations must be submitted by April 1, 2018 via:

E-mail: jensprow@me.com or
Regular mail: Jennifer Sprow - CAHA Secretary: P.O. Box 44297
Panorama City, California 91412

CAHA Nomination Letter 2018.pdf

CAHA Nomination Form 2018.pdf


CAHA Member Services Annual Renewals Process and Instructions

CAHA is pleased to announce a partnership with Rocky Mountain Registry for annual renewals, effective July 2017. This user guide has been prepared to assist member associations in this transition.

Benefit to Member Associations: This transition to completely online renewals will allow member associations to create an active account, resulting in the ability to re-enter and review information at any time, keep a running log of registrations and payment history, change account and user information as needed, and for those associations managing multiple CAHA numbers, the ability to create one account to manage all of them.

Benefit to CAHA: CAHA will now have real-time access to its member services data, making it easier to audit, providing greater transparency and ease of use, and enabling us to provide better service and more accurate information to our members when needed.

Annual Renewals: Each CAHA member association is required to pay its annual renewal fee, and any per team fees, between July 1 and September 30th of each year.

Click here to complete renewal: https://rockymountainregister.com/enroll/usah-caha/login.asp?programid=1

Instructions on how to use the Rocky Mountain Registry:
2017 RMR registration instructions.pdf

New Membership Requests: New membership requests cannot be made online. An organization requesting new CAHA membership needs to send an email to: CAHAmembership@gmail.com. An application and criteria will be provided, and each request is reviewed on a case by case basis. http://caha.com/docs/2017%20CAHA%20Member%20Services%20Instructions%20Application%20060117.pdf

Annual Renewal Pricing: The CAHA membership pricing has not changed in several years. CAHA is pleased to be able to continue to hold pricing into the 2017-18 season.
1. The annual membership fee is $50 for new membership applications.
2. Annual membership renewal fee is $20
3. Annual fee per team:

CO-ED Travel Teams:
8U: $30 per team – no AB levels
10U: $30 per team – A, B, BB
12U: $30 per team – A, B, BB
14U: $30 per team – A, B
16U: $30 per team – A
18U: $30 per team – A

High School Teams: $50 per team

Tier II Teams (AA) – both co-ed and Girls teams:
12U: $50 per team
14U: $50 per team
16U: $50 per team
18U: $50 per team
19U (Girls): $50 per team

Tier I Teams (AAA) – both co-ed and Girls teams:
12U: $50 per team
14U: $50 per team
15U: $50 per team
16U: $50 per team
18U: $50 per team
19U (Girls): $50 per team

Payment: Online payment is strongly encouraged for record-keeping for all parties, and for instant posting to account. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. There is a small processing fee. Check payment is available (refer to user guide on the payment screen); please note that check payment will result in a delay in posting to the account; therefore, check payment is only available until the deadline of September 30 annually.
All transactions are final, and membership fees are non-refundable.
Please have your account information in order when you are ready to complete annual registration.

Questions: For all questions, please email: CAHAmembership@gmail.com
CAHA Members Services Director:
Jaime Campbell
224 Daphne Drive
Vacaville, CA 95687

CAHA 2014 Form 990

The following link is a copy of the CAHA Form 990 Public Disclosure form.

CAHA 2014 Form 990 Public Disclosure Copy.pdf

Questions should be forwarded to:

Mark Gray, CPA

Guzman & Gray

Certified Public Accountants


562 498 0997