Feb 21, 2018

Developed by
Chris Carcerano

CAHA Screening Program

Background Screening: All coaches, on-ice officials and volunteers (over the age of 18) are required to complete a background screening with Verified Volunteers.

To access and complete the online screening process, please use the following link:
The link will guide you through a simple ordering process.

International Applicants: Please follow the below link to complete the screening process:https://workforce.sterlingdirect.com/InvitationCodePage?InvitationCode=2F61BFCE0E6049-EB1C05A5

Please note:

  • Applicants are responsible for assuming the entire cost of a background screening. If an applicant has lived in multiple states or countries, the cost could be considerable. No costs associated with a background screening are waived or paid by CAHA, under any circumstances.
  • Volunteers under the age of 18 do not screen with Verified Volunteers.
  • If an applicant receives a message that a “Good Deed” Code is needed, the applicant has tried to enter the site incorrectly or with an account that is expired. CAHA DOES NOT PROVIDE GOOD DEED CODES. Please: (1) Follow the link above only to enter the Verified Volunteers site. (2) If the applicant tries to enter the site with account information used previously and it is denied, please register as a NEW APPLICANT (even if applicant is returning).
  • If an applicant's screening expired on or before 6/1/17, the applicant MUST re-apply as a new applicant, not through an existing (expired account)
  • NEW! When asked for a "confirmation number" - this is your USA Hockey registration confirmation number. You must be active with USA Hockey in order to screen.
SafeSport: The SafeSport compliance list does not automatically update from the USA Hockey registrations. All coaches and volunteers in any capacity are required to complete the SafeSport training initially once, and a refresher course every two years. SafeSport training can be accessed through:
Action: Once you complete the SafeSport course or refresher, you must email your certificate of completion to the following people:
1. Your organization’s registrar
2. Your league registrar:
    a. SCAHA: Nancy Hodge at: Dux8fan@aol.com
    b. NorCal: Vada Burrow at: aregistrarpd@gmail.com

Compliance List: To access the list of all individuals who comply with the background screening and the SafeSport requirement, please access the “Compliance List” section of the CAHA Website.

CAHA Screening Policy: To view the policy, click on the following link: CAHA Screening Policy.pdf

Any Coach, Manager, volunteer or other individual who is required to be screened per CAHA's SCREENING POLICY who continues to coach, manage or otherwise participate in any CAHA activities without the proper screening certification will be referred to the CAHA Disciplinary/Dispute Resolution Committee for appropriate action.

Screening Instructions: If you have any questions, please contact CAHA Screening Administrator, Jaime Campbell, at CAHAJaime@gmail.com.