Jun 28, 2022

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CAHA Member Services Page

Updated 9/16/20

The annual CAHA Member Program Registration window is now open. There are changes to the process, so please read the email below in entirety. Member Program Registration must be completed by the program’s President.

Of Note:
•   Updates to the USA Hockey Conditions of Participation based on Zero Tolerance for non-compliance with SafeSport include the following for CAHA Member Programs:
    o All administrators and volunteers of a program (any coach, manager, volunteer, trainer, board member, administrator, etc. i.e. “anyone performing a designated role in a youth sports organization with access to minor athletes”) – must be background screened and SafeSport trained prior to participation.
    o The member program assumes all responsibility for all adult participants, and will be held liable should any adult participant not be screened or SafeSport certified prior to participation in a member program. The member program is also liable for any costs associated with any SafeSport investigations that must be contracted out to a third party.
    o The member program must certify the eligibility of their adult members on or before November 1st (date changed due to COVID-19), including submittal of a list of the Board of Directors and any other elected or designates positions at that time, to the state affiliate (CAHA) Director Member Services (memberservices@caha.com).
•   A reminder that Registration applies to ALL MEMBER PROGRAMS - Travel, In-House, Girls, High School – any program using a CAHA number to roster teams and claiming membership in USA Hockey must register.
•   The fees have not changed in several years.
•   Payment: ONLY ONLINE PAYMENT IS ACCEPTED. Payment through Rocky Mountain Registry is required. Checks cannot be accepted.

The Rocky Mountain Registry site can be accessed at: https://rockymountainregister.com/enroll/usah-caha/login.asp?programid=1. Do not worry if you can’t remember your account information - all you need to create a new account annually is your CAHA Member Program number.

Questions: memberservices@caha.com.

Click here to complete renewal:


New hockey programs cannot request membership online. Any new organization requesting new CAHA membership needs to send an email to: CAHAmembership@gmail.com. An application and criteria for membership will be provided, and each request is reviewed on a case by case basis.

Questions: For all questions, please contact the CAHA Member Services Director at: CAHAMembership@gmail.com.