Jun 28, 2022

Developed by
Chris Carcerano

Tier I & II
General Information


 Youth Hockey League Game Formats*

The table below provides game time format details.

Level Age Group Game Time Allocation Period Minute Lenght A Single Cut Between Periods? Overtime? Shoot Out?
AA 12U-18U 1.5-hrs. 16(2) No No No
AAA(1) 12U-14U 1.75-hrs. 16(2) No Yes(3) Yes(4)
AAA(1) 15O-18U 2-hrs. 17(2) Yes Yes(3) Yes(4)

(1) - Minimum 3-man Officiating Crew

(2) - Running time if 7-goal Differential at any time in the 3rd period.

(3) - a single 5-minute 4-on-4 and 1-goalie sudden victory

(4) - a 3-man shootout followed by sudden victory shootout if needed. Home team determines which team shoots first. All players on a given teammust shoot in the entire shoot-out once before any player can shoot a second time.

One (1) timeout permitted per game, including games played with overtime.

The above is NOT required for exhibtion or tournament games.

* - Does NOT apply to Girls teams.